Need a Foreclosure Solution? Yes, It Still Happens!!…..

…..and if it’s happening to you…’s still a crisis!

Facing foreclosure is never easy. It’s downright scary. I know, I’ve been through it myself. Back in 2007, when the market tanked, and so did my business, I lost a duplex. I was living on one side, and had a renter in the other half. It was a tough time. I filed Bankruptcy, that didn’t help. I tried to short-sale before the bank came knockin’ on my door. That didn’t work. It was an era before there were any

I’ve recently created, and joined, a group of investors who see the benefits of helping home owners and assisting them through–and sometimes past–the foreclosure process. They see that they can run their investment business, and help homeowners threatened with foreclosure. The end result is that the homeowners may stay in their homes, or at least recover equity from their homes.

You may think that the “foreclosure crisis” is over, and I’d agree the “crisis” portion is over–unless you are facing default/foreclosure. Then you are in a scary crisis!4clos

There are, unfortunately, still some homeowners behind enough in payments, that they can’t catch up. Once payments fall behind, the lenders tack on fees that can be too large to overcome. If you’ve called your lender, you probably realize that lenders don’t always play fair. In fact, it probably seems like they are giving you the runaround!

Many times, when a homeowner is in distress, they give up. This is the worst possible “solution”. Seeking an alternative to foreclosure is a far better choice!

With my group of investors, we are here to offer a solution that can make your life easier. We might find a way to keep a homeowner in their home, or realize more equity from their home if foreclosure is the only possibility–often times, homeowners wait too long into the foreclosure timeline to find a solution.

Don’t wait, explore your possibilities now.

Once the foreclosure process begins, it takes about 111 days to foreclose. Time is of the essence. Most people do not respond in a timely matter, but there are solutions*. We urge you to explore all possibilities, including ours.
Often times, we can provide help as close as 10 days from foreclosure, but the longer we have to work out a solution, the better for the homeowner.

Corner lot home situated on private drive. To the left is a huge

Interested in what we offer? GREAT! You can click here to fill in your information. Yes, I will contact you. Please put in a real phone number and email address.  It seems reasonable that if you want help, you will provide me a valid way of reaching out to you. This is not an offer to do a valuation on your home–I am using the page to gather your contact info, and I must have the property address. You won’t get any “automated” email blasts.

I understand it may be difficult, but if you want to look at possible solutions, then please reach out. If the programs don’t work for you, that’s ok. It’s worth checking out! I look forward to speaking with you.

*Other solutions include, but are not limited to “Keep Your Home California” and loan modifications. You should look into all possibilities to prevent foreclosure.

(Please note this web site is under construction, requiring a logo/brokerage change. I am a Realtor with Realty One Group Complete. My BRE # is 01400010. )one-bigger-logo

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