Water Cooler Talk? Check Swing!

920x920It’s MLB’s opening day, and no doubt, friends will gather ’round the office water cooler (or coffee machine, or office gym or break room, or….) to discuss “that call” or “that play”, or a decision by a team manager- or a myriad of other things- and opinions will fly!

In Real Estate, when a client experiences basically the same thing–a gathering of friends sharing opinions on real estate transactions–often times the client walks away from this conversation feeling confused and unsure.

Client’s friend #1– “Wait until June to list your home, there will be more buyers”

Client’s friend #2– “Don’t accept the first offer you get, you can get a bidding war going”

Client’s friend #3– “List your home 20% higher than your neighbors, the market is going up”Linneage

TIME OUT!  MEETING AT THE MOUND, PLEASE! Let me be the umpire, because your selling your home depends on it. Unless your friends are also Sacramento Real Estate Agents, then they are not qualified to advise you on YOUR Real Estate transaction in today’s real estate market. Maybe, when they sold their home, the various advice they are giving, would have worked.  Sacramento Real Estate sales activity trends about every 6 months, so today is not like yesterday (well, literally maybe it is, not figuratively).

In May and June, we will see more buyers. More not serious buyers, “tire kickers” if you will. We will also see more inventory and therefore more competition for your listing.

If your house for sale is on the market for 30 days or more, you may not want to accept the first offer you get, but as a seller, it pays to work,or attempt to work with, a buyer!

List your home at market value. That could be less than the neighbor’s home, or more. Look at a Comparable Market Analysis, review market conditions and your home’s current condition and make an educated decision.

Not enough room here to dispel all the Real Estate myths that get started between friends. I am happy to answer questions directly.

It’s a great time to sell–values are strong, interest rates are low, there are a few first time home buyer loans available with down payment assistance, and the Spring season of home sales in Sacramento is busy.

Buyer’s, rates and loan programs make  it a great time to buy as well! Now doesn’t that work out nice for everyone!?




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