It’s A Bad Call In The Real Estate Endzone!

I had a friend lamenting about a bad call the 49ers got during the Superbowl, that they were “robbed”.  I told him the team wasn’t robbed, considering they did not play well the first half. Had they been in the game the first 30 minutes, with another point or 7 on the board, that bad call would not have been a game maker or breaker.

Same for some Sacramento home buyers I know. Though their not “being in the game” is not really their fault, but may be becoming their problem.

They’d been working with another agent, a small time company, and throwing offers out there right and left. They have a loan approval for 20% down and a $500,000 purchase. They have $30,000 saved for down payment. Uhhh…bad call. Do the math.

“We’re gonna figure out the loan details after we get a contract accepted”. Uhhh…bad call. That’s like saying “we’re gonna figure out the entire game plan after we get the ball”. Why are they still operating under such circumstances? Had their Realtor not clued them in?!

Not sure what the offer details have been, but some eight offers later, they are still writing offers! They’ve written offers way higher than list price (the Hail Mary” of  real estate), they get their team on the field quickly (see new listings immediately), but they aren’t protecting the ball very well (their better interests–getting in contract and knowing the costs!).

There’s nothing like a game plan–know your loan officer, and the loan program. Have it dialed in before you shop. Make strong offers consistently. It’s not always the over market value offer–the Hail Mary, it’s the short game–5 yards here, 4 yards there, a quick hop to the first down and voila!, you’re in the endzone!  It’s a hard hitting game out there, and you need some Baltimore muscle, and San Fransisco speed.

Shop online? Sure. But get the guidance of a knowledgeable Sacramento Realtor once you get in the Red Zone.  Gotta have a game plan to go on!

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