Real Life Drama in the Sacramento Real Estate Market!

The title of this entry almost sounds like a Fox TV reality show, doesn’t it? Or maybe HGTV, which is better known for it’s sometimes real portrayal of real estate tidings.

I set my sights for this site, to be real time stories from the Sacramento Real Estate market. Whether you’re a real estate buyer or short sale seller, or thinking about becoming one, I wanted to not only provide information, but to also share stories about the real estate market as they were happening. That way, you can become more educated to how the Sacramento market is really operating.

This entry, is just that. Three clients. Three stories. Never mind your neighbor’s opinion on the real estate market, nor your grandma’s (no diss aimed at grams!), nor your plumber’s. Truth is, homes are selling. Inventory is low. It’s a seller’s market for quick sale and full list price purchases, it’s a buyer’s market for low prices.

ONE (names changed)- Scott and Alison have been house hunting for six months. Three times they have offered on nice homes, move-in ready in the Foothill Farms area. Three times, they have been outbid. Three times, I begged, pleaded, urged (and gosh, oh so wanted to threaten!) them to write a full price offer. Three times they listened to their neighbor, grandma, plumber and offered lower, and were outbid.  Last week, magic time number four. I begged….I…..ooops, didn’t have to go further. They offered above list price and now are into inspections and moving forward to close and become homeowners!!! YAY SCOTT AND ALISON!!!!  If you don’t offer market value–there’s going to be another buyer right behind you, ready to make a quality offer.  We are seeing tons of multiple offers!

TWO–Super quick, and super simple. Lora is getting a divorce, wants to do a short sale. Orangevale–HOT HOT HOT!! (BTW, Elk Grove is also HOT HOT HOT!). Home listed first of February. Home sold second week. Short Sale approved in 30 days–B of A gets it, closes middle of April. Yes, the banks are on board to do short sales. Not all this easy, but easier than ever. Some will look at non-hardship scenarios, so if you want or need to sell your home, what are you waiting for? Call me.

THREE–I love this one…..Jose and Raquel had some hard luck around the time the Sacramento real estate market started falling, back in ’08. They didn’t think they could get a loan. I encouraged them to check with a lender. I offered two lenders names who are very good with possibly “challenged” credit. Turns out, they weren’t as challenged as they thought! They had to pay down one credit card, and find a few dollars to bring in as a down payment. Jose and Raquel moved into their home two weeks ago! If you don’t ask, you don’t get!!

So, as I try to encourage every client as often as possible, what real estate looks like on the surface, and how things are truly working, can be very different. We have a busy market, ripe with possibilities.

And I’m just sitting here waiting for your call. 🙂

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